Valle’s Cleaners: the luxury of laundry pick-up and delivery at a price you can afford.

How it Works:

Set Up your Laundry Service

  • Select a Plan or Pay as you Go
  • Tell us When & Where to Pick it Up
  • Give us Any Special Instructions

We Pick Up your Laundry

  • We will Supply you with a Bag and We will
  • Pick it Up in a Secure Place or at an
  • Agreed Time Frame
  • For the First Time Put your Name  in the Bag
  • Put Laundry & Dry Cleaning in Separate Bags

Laundry Done the Way you Like

  • We Use Tide, Downey Softner (Special Products on Request)
  • Your Clothes will be Sorted by the Manufacturers Instructions
  • Dried on Medium Heat
  • Let us know if it is a New Item so We can Wash it Separately (No Extra Charge)

Two Day Return

  • Your Clothes will be Returned to you in Two Days
  • Neatly Package in Plastic
  • Next Day if Requested (No Extra Charge)

We will See you Next Week

Wash, Fluff Dry, & Folded Laundry $.96 per Lb. $18.00 min.

Flat Rate Laundry Packages:

All plans are prepaid with a credit card or check.

  • Full Semester Plan: $17 a week
  • Single Plan A: 2 uses a month. $40 a month.
  • Single Plan B: 4 uses a month. $74 a month.

Apartment Value Plan for 2 or More People:

  • Plan C: 2 uses a month. $36 a month per person.
  • Plan D: 4 uses a month. $65 a month per person.

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • Suits
    Regular $11.00
    Silk 15.99
  • Laundered - Shirts
    Hangers 1.85
    Boxed 1.95
  • Pants/ Slacks
    Regular $5.60
  • Skirts
    Regular 5.25
    Pleated add .25 per pleat
  • Dresses
    Regular $11.00

*All other dry cleaning items are priced upon request.

Call us to start doing your laundry in the lap of luxury! Schedule your pick-up with Valle’s Cleaners today.